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Aldi Supermarkt

Aldi Supermarkt

Aldi maintains a spirit in every one of its 5,000 stores that has spread throughout the world – giving the right value to things, ensuring you don’t pay more for what you need. You know with Aldi that quality is one of the main pillars, testing products daily and bringing only the best to their stores.

Aldi values its cheerful staff waiting in store to help with anything you need. The efficiency of how Aldi works to bring you the best in choice, quality and value. Aldi says, no, great quality and value doesn’t have to cost more.

Their story began in 1945 when brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht decided to take over the small grocery business. The family had run it in Essen, Germany from 1913. From behind the counter, they knew how important it was to know the client and give them just what they need at the best price.