Cinema Quadrat

Cinema Quadrat

The Cinema Quadrat has long been an institution in the cultural scene in Mannheim and beyond.

The Cinema Quadrat has existed since 1971, making it the oldest municipal cinema in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and one of the oldest in Germany. Beyond blockbuster hypes, the Cinema Quadrat shows everything the discerning heart desires: from classics of film history to documentary films or new unknown stripes from Europe, Asia and Latin America to splatter movies from the time when one liter of gasoline still costed 70 pfennigs.

In the Cinema Quadrat, films are analyzed and reflected through lectures, film talks, introductions and theme evenings. School cinema weeks, gay movie days, agenda cinema or Cine Latino events offer special emphasis on related material. Once a year, a film-related symposium takes place, which draws directors, film critics, scientists and many interested people from all over Germany into Mannheim’s smallest cinema.

Numerous collaborations connect the cinema with other events of urban institutions, until the cinema expands in innovative forms and crosses the traditional borders.