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As Turkey’s most innovative coffee chain; we offer various tastes of gourmet coffee cultures around the world to coffee aficionados. Since the day we opened the doors of our first store in İstanbul Bilgi University in 2014, we have gained a significant fan base among coffee lovers. We are working hard to share our passion for good coffee every day with more coffee enthusiasts. Including 1 roasting center, our rapidly growing brand has a total of 39 stores in Turkey and abroad. By 2019, we aim to increase our store number to 90.

With the coffee ground freshly when you order, well-trained baristas from different countries around the world, it’s a place where you will enjoy yourselves by having one of our freshly prepared products for that day while sipping your coffee…

We have blended our coffee beans from local coffee farms of El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya with world-renowned coffee expert Bruce Miletto as our mentor. Offering the best quality products based on the production processes which utilize advanced roasting and brewing techniques, we are one of the best representatives of third wave coffee trend in Turkey. We roast our coffee with our own equipment and serve it as fresh as it can be. We enrich our coffee menus and extend our flavor range each week by adding different flavors.