Karree Mannheim visitors of different cultures experience culinary enjoyment, shopping world and lifestyle atmosphere in a unique place. Our shopping center is located in the “Mannheimer Einkaufs-L” (pedestrian zone “Planken” and “Breite Straße”), with several entrances from the adjacent three streets. Besides the junction to the pedestrian zone there is a tramway station in front of the centre. During the opening hours over 5.000 passengers arrive there in over 500 rides.

Development Project Shopping, Office and Lifestyle
More than 5,000 passengers arrive daily at the tram station in front of the center by means of over 500 rides during the opening hours.

Türkisches Carré
Stores on this street have 185 mio. yearly turnover. This Location has 52,000 daily visitors during weekdays and 58,000 on weekends

“Mannheimer Einkaufs-L” Abendakademie Mannheim
Provides education for 3,800 students.

MVV Zentrale
Company employs 1,200 people.